Meet the Team


ALCO_Barbara_Denrich (1).jpg

Barbara Denrich

President & CEO

ALCO_David_Denrich (1).jpg

David Denrich

Vice President/COO

ALCO_Jamie_Levy (1).jpg

Jamie S. Levy

Pharmacist in Charge


Supervise all pharmacy activity and thoroughly review medication records for all patients

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Tatiana Attipoe

Screen Shot 2020-07-27 at 10.03.57 AM (1).png

Sonia Darley

ALCO_Marla_Singer (1).jpg

Marla Singer

ALCO_Julia_West (1).jpg

Julia West

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Tim West

Account Management

Accurately enters client data to pack and deliver all medication and paperwork according to your needs

ALCO_Jenelle_Franklin (1).jpg

Jenelle Franklin


ALCO_Taibika_HensonGarnes (1).jpg

Taibika Henson-Garnes

ALCO_Asha_Pollard (1).jpg

Asha Pollard

ALCO_Evangeline_Thrasher (1).jpg

Evangeline Thrasher

Screen Shot 2020-07-27 at 10.08.15 AM (1).png

Shakita Pollard

Screen Shot 2020-07-27 at 10.09.27 AM (1).png

Stacey Guy


Brajion Arrington


Ensures all claims are billed to insurance while minimizing costs to our clients

ALCO_Taryn_Johnson (1).jpg

Taryn Johnson


Screen Shot 2020-07-27 at 10.11.02 AM (1).png

Tiauna Pittman


Carefully packs all prescriptions by hand in blister packs or according to the agency’s specific needs

ALCO_LaShelle_Lee (1).jpg

La'Shelle Lee


ALCO_LaTowya_Harris (1).jpg

LaTowya Harris

ALCO_Kate_Odamtten (1).jpg

Kate Odamtten

ALCO_Cathy_Mallory (1).jpg

Cathy Mallory

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Lakeisha Dennis

ALCO_Stan_Kugel (2).jpg

Stan Kugel

ALCO_Sandra_Parana (1).jpg

Sandra Parana

ALCO_Marlene_Brodbeck (1).jpg

Marlene Brodbeck

ALCO_Tara_Lewis (1).jpg

Tara Lewis

ALCO_Shamekka_Mitchell (1).jpg

Shamekka Mitchell

Business Development

ALCO_Lincoln_Pitts (1).jpg

Lincoln Pitts

Director of Customer Engagement

ALCO_Ruth_Miller (1).jpg

Ruth Miller

Outreach Manager

ALCO_Antonio_Lins (1).jpg

Antonio Lins

Special Projects

Operations and Administration

ALCO_Ora_Powers (1).jpg

Ora Powers


Screen Shot 2020-07-30 at 11.54.51 AM.png

Lisa Topper

Administrative Assistant

ALCO_Tedd_Smith (1).jpg

Tedd Smith

HR Consultant

ALCO_Will_Jones (1).jpg

Will Jones

Transportation Coordinator