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ALCO Pharmacy is the ONLY pharmacy in Maryland that specializes in serving community based residential programs for individuals with intellectual disabilities. We have been independently owned and locally operated since 1997, and we pride ourselves on our ability to tailor the service to each agency according to its particular needs. We believe that our unique operation provides maximum benefits to residential service providers to better care for their individuals. Our computer system integrates each client’s prescriptions, delivery schedules and billing statements under one roof, thus assuring efficient and coordinated service.

Our Unique Services
ALCO’s primary service is to blister pack and to deliver medications according to DDA regulations. We also offer:

  • Pre-printed MARs and POFs—all the necessary paperwork, either as blanks or computer generated, customized to your specifications, along with expert assistance in complying with industry standards.
  • EHR-We can also connect with all Electronic Health Record software to provide e-MAR's and other forms and services.
  • Disposable medical supplies, including gloves, incontinent supplies, diabetic testing supplies, sharps containers and syringes;
  • A full line of liquid nutritional items (such as Ensure®, Boost® and others) at low prices, delivered at no extra charge with no minimum order required;
  • Pre-filled and labeled syringes for insulin or g-tube use;
  • Split packs (or LOAs) for vacations, home visits and day programs
Professional Service at Every Level
Experienced pharmacists supervise all pharmacy activity and a team of technicians hand packs each blister card. Highly-qualified account managers each monitor their accounts and answer any questions. Lincoln Pitts, our director of operations, has extensive experience in residential services, and he oversees the entire process from beginning to end.

Regular Delivery: Delivery schedules are based on agency needs and the cutoff time for same-day delivery can vary based on daily route schedules. (Agency staff can pick up medications at ALCO during normal business hours if it is more convenient.) Currently, there’s no extra charge for scheduled deliveries to agency offices or emergency medication deliveries requested by medical or administrative staff during normal business hours. We proudly employ the professional drivers of “Strategic Delivery Sytems” (SDSRx) and they have shown consistent and exemplary records of efficiency, courtesy and professionalism

Medical Emergencies
After Hours Service and Delivery: A pharmacist is available to take calls from medical staff outside normal business hours for emergency medications. Deliveries are then routed for the quickest response time.

Customer Service and Satisfaction
We answer our own phones. Our integrated computer system assures that billing and other problems are handled quickly and efficiently. We inform you promptly of any insurance issues before you receive the bill so there are no surprises at the end of the month. And we can proudly provide a list of references to verify the high standards we set for ourselves as the pharmacy for the DDA and DHMH residential service communities.

ALCO Pharmacy proudly supports many organizations including:
Sign Up for ALCO
To become an ALCO client, just call 443-394-7300 and we will help you create an account. You will be assigned an account manager who will be available by phone or for meetings with your staff, if you have any questions or concerns.

You’re also welcome to visit our facility in Owings Mills, to see our operation first-hand and meet the people who will work hard to serve you.

Barbara Denrich 
President and CEO 
Lincoln Pitts
Director of Operations
Jamie Levy